Welcome to The New Terrain Park Site!

Welcome to the new Bittersweet Terrain Park website. Each week we are going to upload new edits, keep you up to date on the current features within the park, and be your one stop shop for information on the 2017 Sweet League Competition Series!

Also new this season is our Terrain Park Facebook Page and our Terrain Park YouTube Channel!

This season is shaping up to be one for the record books. Come on out and don’t miss out on the Bittersweet Terrain Park!

Sweet League a competition series
More information coming soon!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to The New Terrain Park Site!”

  1. You guys need to work on keeping up on lips to rails and keeping landings flat, I haven’t seen too many shapers out there this season. Also I feel the choice of rails so far this season is poor and very much lacking a variety.

    1. Hey Jack, sorry to hear you’re not the happiest with the park so far this season. While we have only been open a week, and there has been less than ideal building conditions during this early season! During the early season, and periods with snowmaking the terrain park crew has to put the features in each morning, and then the closing crew has to rip out every feature.

      We promise you that we do have diggers working on the lips! We will certainly be having a larger variety of features put in before the holidays. If you ever have any concerns about a features status, just flag down one of the park crew members you see in the park and feel free to discuss with them!

      Now when you say keeping the landings flat, do you mean there are depression after a feature or something else? Just wondering!

  2. I heard u took everything down to redo it and I was wondering if ur going to put the quarter where you can go left to the rails or right to the main jump.

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