Park Videos and Sweet League Update

Today we have two videos for you!One is a small video preview of the latest rebuild of the terrain park, and the other is an edit made by local videographer Nic Sagodic.

We also have some Sweet League news for you as well. We are sad to report that we are having to cancel Sweet League for the 2017 season. Due to weather conditions, and other variables we are not able to deliver the highest possible quality event series for our competitors. We do have plans to make Sweet League a reality for the 2017-2018 season so please stay posted! In order to make up for having to cancel Sweet League. We are working on making two rail jams for this season. One Rail Jam will be dedicated to skiers, and the other will be dedicated to snowboarders. We will update the website as more information is available.

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New Build Update 1/6/17

The park crew has torn out the old park, and has began building the new layout. The top portion of the main terrain park is now finished, and will be ready to ride first thing Saturday morning. There are currently 9 features in the top section of the main terrain park.

The bottom portion of the main terrain park, and the 3 jump line will be worked on by the park crew throughout Friday night and Saturday morning.

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This up box is at the top of the main park
bike rack rail
The bike rack rail is in!
We have boxes for progression!
build photo
Park crew is putting in the work, so you can get in some hot laps!